We’re right beside you Bommie


I know many of fans of other idols in Roommate will say that it is unfair for 2NE1 fans to not watch Roommate because Bom leaves.

But, I mean, come on. If the same thing happened to your idol, you’d do the same thing.

I’d stick by Bom’s side. If she decides to leave Roommate, then I’ll leave with her.

People say “but Bom would want you to support Roommate” . Well, until and unless Bommie says that herself, I won’t budge.

We’re right by your side Bommie. We love you.



I’m crying likes big baby over the fact that “Don’t Cry” is back on the charts. Blackjacks are just trying to get Bom to understand that we’re here for her.

I’m literally over here with my tissue because it touched me but I can only imagine how it touched Bom to know how many people are supporting her.

This is the fandom I fell in love with, and this is why I call myself a Blackjack.